Leadership: Stakeholder Roundtable Group

The Stakeholder Roundtable objective is to bring any and all stakeholders together on a regular basis to identify critical issues and opportunities facing the non-food sector, and develop strategies to deal with these risks and opportunities. One of the GRMA's four core values is being Visionary. In addition, one of our four primary goals is Leadership. Towards this end, we want to be the conveners of all stakeholders in the non-food sector. While the input of this group of people will certainly be of value to the GRMA, it is [...]

2018-10-31T06:18:03-04:00October 31st, 2018|News|

Pilot Audit

We are excited to report that the Pilot Audit program based on the new standards is in full swing! Pilot Auditor Training was conducted the first week of October, and all three audit teams are scheduled for their pilot audit. The first audit will take place the last week of October, and the final audit will be conducted in the second week of November. The pilot audit teams consist of a retailer, manufacturer and certification body. Each audit will be observed by a GRMA and ANSI observer. It is the [...]

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