Panel Discussion: CBD Product Standard Development: Alan Perlman (NSF) moderated a panel discussion of industry leaders at the GRMA Summit which centered around the complexities of the industry in relation to developing GMP Standards. Key discussion points included the need to connect GRMA with current GMP standard development activity by the industry. The question was raised as to the need to develop an entirely new standard or the potential to adopt the 455-2 Dietary Supplement Standard. Also discussed was the difficulty of working around the inclusion of hemp in the Farm Bill vs. the illegality of marijuana as a controlled substance, and the issue with state regulation and how it may impact this category. An exploratory group of GRMA members and stakeholders is in formation with plans to host a Stakeholder Roundtable meeting within the next 90 days. Stay tuned for more information on the stakeholder roundtable meeting and this topic as it moves forward.

Alan Perlman
, NSF Moderator
Duffy MacKay, CV Sciences
Robert Rhodes, NSF
Ben England, England Law Group
Hess Moallem, formerly of Charlotte’s Webb
Megan Olsen, Council for Responsible Nutrition