Senior Customs Attorney Jessica Rifkin and CEO & Founder Ben England greatly appreciated the opportunity to speak and make new connections at this year’s GRMA Summit.  View the presentations below to learn how the current (and future) tariffs are impacting the three categories of the 455-Standards.

In light of recent news Benjamin L. England & Associates would like to share the latest information regarding the China Tariffs and the Trade War. Earlier this week, the USTR announced the next steps for the proposed 10 percent tariff on imports from China (what has been commonly known as List 4). The tariffs will be imposed by two separate lists, with List 4A beginning on September 1st and List 4B beginning on December 15th. Resources are listed below to help keep you abreast of the ongoing situation.

If you are ready to learn more about possible ways to reduce or eliminate the effect of the tariffs, please contact Benjamin L. England & Associates at Their team of Customs attorneys is ready to discuss importer options.