18 September 2020, Washington, DC – The TIC Council Americas announces that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with the Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA) to allow for the sharing of information and collaborations on projects of mutual interest to TIC Council and GRMA members.

Through the MOU, GRMA also recognizes the TIC Council Compliance program as meeting certain requirements of the GRMA trusted partner program – allowing full members of TIC Council to save time and resources when applying for recognition from GRMA as a trusted partner.

TIC Council Director General, Hanane Taidi had this to say: “The TIC Council welcomes the opportunity to work with the GRMA and our GRMA industry partners and to seek opportunities to collaborate on shared issues of product safety and conformity. And we are delighted to have our compliance program recognized as meeting the high standards of the retailer and manufacturer industry.

For additional information, visit the TIC Council website at https://www.tic-council.org/ or reach out to Karin Athanas at kathanas@tic-council.org

TIC Council is the global trade federation representing the independent third-party Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry which brings together more than 90-member companies and organizations from around the world to speak with one voice. Its members provide services across a wide range of sectors: consumer products, medical devices, petroleum, mining and metals, food, and agriculture among others. Through provision of these services, TIC Council members assure that not only regulatory requirements are met, but also that reliability, economic value, and sustainability are enhanced. TIC Council’s members are present in more than 160 countries and employ more than 300,000 people across the globe.