GRMAuditsphere serves the global dietary supplements, cosmetics, and OTC drug products industry as a portal for all information related to certifications, auditors, and audit results. 

Pennsylvania, USA (Nov 02, 2021) – The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA) has announced the selection of Intact to develop and advance the GRMAuditsphere – the global product safety and quality management system developed by the GRMA. Along with the GRMA certification program, GRMAuditsphere serves the worldwide dietary supplements, cosmetics, and OTC industry as the repository of all relevant data related to audits and certification.

The new GRMAuditsphere is expected to launch later this month, with the explicit goal of providing easy access for manufacturers, certification bodies, and retail members.

“After careful review and consideration, the GRMA has initiated a long-term partnership with Intact.”  Allyn Shultis, Executive Director, GRMA states.  “When reviewing our options for this important project, we wanted to identify a company with a global footprint, a market leader within the audit, certification, and standard management space, and an organization with a strong analytic platform to support our audit integrity program.  We are confident in Intact’s capacity to meet our needs and have been building a unique tool for the GRMA’s certification program.”

In support of the economic value and impact that GRMA member companies have worldwide, Intact’s software solutions will provide all industry stakeholders with an entirely digitized auditing system. In addition, the improved platforms will provide innovative capabilities, value-added data access, and upgraded efficiencies to auditors and certifying bodies in the sector. The entire retail and manufacturing community will benefit from the Intact Platform. This includes areas like day-to-day quality, audits, and the ability to later apply Intact Analytics for long-term trend, root cause, and audit anomaly monitoring.

We are thrilled that the Intact Platform will be used by every player in the quality, auditing, and certification ecosystem of these highly utilized product categories. The GRMA has established the groundwork for long-term analysis and quality across the sector. Their digital transformation is a major leap forward and solidifies their stature as a global leader. Coupled with the Intact Platform to manage audits, certification, supplier directories, and more, the GRMA is on solid footing for long term success.

– Jake Lewin, CEO, Intact – US


About the GRMA: The GRMA is a member-based non-profit organization. They are made up mostly of retailers, manufacturers, trade associations, and certification bodies. They are dedicated to advancing global quality and safety standards. They focus on several non-food industries. These include dietary supplements, over-the-counter drug products, and cosmetics/personal care products. To learn more, visit or contact: Allyn Shultis at (610) 945-1797 or 

About GRMAuditsphere:

GRMAuditsphere, managed by the GRMA, contains a worldwide list of suppliers who are certified/registered under GRMA to comply with the quality management system requirements of the GRMA suite of industry standards. It also contains a listing of all bodies involved in the process, including National Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, and approved auditors.

About Intact – 

Intact is the market leader in audit-, certification-, and standard management with its two main products, the Intact Platform and Intact Analytics.  Their solutions help customers worldwide boost their efficiency and profitability while assuring the highest possible safety and quality of products, services, and qualifications.  Founded in 2001, Intact has seven global offices and sales partners in Austria, the USA, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, and Australia and is used across management, food, and other certification and audit sectors. To learn more, visit or contact: Jake Lewin at