Membership Group Objective: Create a formal structure for members to have a voice in the strategy, direction and on-going operation of the GRMA. We want to utilize the power of the group to keep the group powerful. Our goal is to nurture the eco-system.

Executive Statement: We have a very unique and special alliance that is rare for a sector to demonstrate. A highly competitive environment is often the curser to a “circle the wagons” mentality. Coming together to form the GRMA and sticking with the process of creating harmonized standards for over 4-years shows the power of this alliance.

Group Activity Description: Meets on a regular basis to discuss issues facing the members of the GRMA. Formal circular flow of information from Governance Board to Membership.

Participants: GRMA Members 

Key Objectives:

  • Give all members a formal voice
  • Have all members feel a high level of investment
  • Understand membership’s needs so we can provide the highest level of value
  • Continually educate the members on the power of the group in order to demonstrate strong, effective self-regulatory practices

The GRMA is comprised of Retailers, Manufacturers, Certification Bodies, Industry Trade Groups, and other interested stakeholders.

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