1. Review Membership Options and determine which options best suits your organization.
  2. Click the “Pay via Invoice” and complete the information on the Invoice Request.
    1. This will automatically enroll you to receive communication and invites to webinars to help identify who to contact for consulting services, pre-assessment/GAP audits, certification audits, and internal 455 auditor training.
    2. Please note if you use a CB for consulting services this will restrict this CB from performing your certification audits for 1 certification cycle (3 years).
  3. Pay the membership fee on the invoice.
  4. The GRMA will provide you with your access to both the GRMAuditsphere audit portal (Powered by Repositrak) and the members-only section of our website.
    1. Within the members-only section of the website you will get access to NSF/ANSI 455 Standards.
    2. Additionally in the members-only section there is a tutorial on how to set up your organization’s profile and facilities within GRMAuditsphere.
    3. Upon completing the setup steps follow the instructions for requesting pre-assessment/GAP audits and/or certification audits:
      Please Note: The GRMAuditsphere will identify qualified GRMA Certification Bodies (CB) that can provide you with auditing services. Prior to selecting the CB who you’d like to use within GRMAuditsphere we’d recommend that you reach out to the CBs to get a quote for the pre-assessment/GAP audits and/or certification audits for two reasons:

      1. Once you’ve selected a CB within GRMAuditsphere they will be notified that they need to execute an audit.
      2. Invoicing for the Audit happens outside of the GRMAuditsphere and will be directly with the CB you’ve selected.
  5. During the pre-assessment/GAP audits and/or certification audits request process you will need to complete a pre-audit application for the CB you’ve selected.
  6. After completing the pre-audit application you will work directly with the CB on audit services, scheduling and invoicing.
    1. The Pre-assessment /GAP Audit fee of $500/request and the Certification Audit fee of $750/request is included in the audit pricing provide by the CBs.
    2. Please note that if you selected a Pre-assessment/GAP audit to occur in advance of your certification audit you are able to use the same CB to complete your certification audit but will need to be mindful of the following:
      1. The auditor cannot be the same for both the pre-assessment and certification audits.
      2. You should not receive a corrective action request at the end of the pre-assessment/GAP audit.
      3. The auditor performing the certification audit is not permitted to see the observations from the pre-assessment/GAP audit.
  7. At the completion of a certification audit the CB will provide the final audit report and corrective actions through the GRMAuditsphere.
    1. Please note that there are specific timelines for responses to corrective actions that the CB needs to conform to and we’d recommend you work closely with your CB on any questions or complications if they should arise.
    2. Once the corrective actions have been closed by the CB and the CB has found evidence of conformity to the GRMA Audit Certification Program requirements, they will then issue your GRMA Audit Certificate.
  8. To share your report with customers simply download the final report, final corrective actions, and certification and share.
    1. As a result of successfully becoming certified your certification audit score, company name, facility city & state, key contact person & email will be added to a global directory for customer reference.

If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to generalinquiries@grmalliance.org