As Certified Program Owners of the 455 Audit Scheme, the GRMA takes pride in its comprehensive audit integrity program (AIP). While the NSF/ANSI 455-Standards are the best in the industry, the many components of the AIP ensure that consumers can have a high level of confidence on the products they buy. The ability of the GRMA to collect meta-data from multiple supplier audits by multiple CB’s brings a new era in transparency, quality, and safety. This information will be used to ensure all members of the GRMA can benefit – a rising tide floats all boats!

GRMA as Certified Program Owner (CPO)

  • ANSI Accredited Standards with Industry Driven Oversight
  • Governance Board Approval & Management Process for Certification Bodies
  • Auditor Application & Qualification Processes
  • Certification Body Calibration & Training Excellence Program
  • ANSI Accreditation Requirements for Certification Body
  • Continuing Education Programs & Requirements
  • Universal Audit Platform with API Capability
  • Audit Analytics & Benchmarking
  • Searchable Marketplace Manufacturing Directory
  • Continual Standards Improvement Process
  • Annual Meeting with Retailers, Certification Bodies, Industry, and Other Professional Experts
  • Engagement of Regulators, constant monitoring of global activity to ensure standard relevance
  • On-going meta-data analysis and remediation programs for effected organizations
  • Harmonized Auditor Training Program across all CB’s

The GRMA is focused on promoting consumer safety.  Our membership is comprised of Retailers, Manufacturers, Certification Bodies, Industry Trade Groups, and other interested Stakeholders. Visit our Membership page to learn about the benefits of becoming a GRMA member today!

NSF/ANSI 455-Standards

The NSF/ANSI 455-Standards are published, and the GRMA Audit Scheme to these Standards is fully operational!
You can access this audit scheme by simply joining the GRMA.

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