Audit Integrity Program

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Audit Integrity Program2018-09-25T07:43:05-04:00

GRMA as Certified Program Owner (CPO)

  • ANSI Accredited Standards with Industry Driven Oversight
  • Governance Board Approval & Management Process for Certification Bodies
  • Auditor Application & Qualification Processes
  • Certification Body Calibration & Training Excellence Program
  • ANSI Accreditation Requirements for Certification Body
  • Continuing Education Programs & Requirements
  • Universal Audit Platform with API Capability
  • Provides Audit Analytics & Benchmarking
  • Searchable Marketplace Manufacturing Directory
  • Continual Standards Improvement Process
  • Annual Meeting with Retailers, Certification Bodies, Industry, and Other Professional Experts
  • Engagement of Regulators, constant monitoring of global activity to ensure standard relevance