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Advisory Council Objective

Bring key, highly invested GRMA Members into a formal advisory group whose chair has an ex-officio seat on the GRMA Governance Board to ensure a circular flow of information to and from the GRMA. We will then utilize this information to help set the strategy of the GRMA and advance its vision and mission

Executive Statement

We want to keep our Governance board tight and nimble, yet as an organization have the ability to get a broad range of thoughts, ideas and opinions from our membership.

Group Activity Description

Meets on a regular basis to discuss issues facing the sector and the GRMA directly. Makes recommendations via their chair to the Governance Board.


GRMA Members who are in the Platinum Level in their perspective membership types, or other key members as determined by the Governance Board.

Key Objectives:

  • Identify Risks and Opportunities:
  • Identify Industry Trends
  • Identify Global Opportunity
  • Give “real-life” feedback on how the GRMA strategy is affecting their organizations