Workgroups Objective

Ad hoc groups are formed as needed to bring together a broad group of stakeholders to address the critical issues facing the organization and our sector at large. These are generally time-limited and not long-term standing groups like the governance board committees.


  • Tech – This group is charged with helping to build and maintain all aspects of GRMA Certified Program Owner (CPO) responsibilities and system integrity. It also helps to develop policies and procedures based on information and issues that arise from the audit program.
  • Audit Training – The group is a sub-group of the Tech Workgroup. Their purpose is to help develop and monitor the GRMA audit training program. Their goal is to develop a program that sets the industry standard for innovative and high-quality audit training.
  • Quality – This group looks at all issues surrounding supply chain quality. It helps to guide the governance board in developing strategies to face the most critical issues facing the industry.
  • Membership – This group consists of all of the GRMA members, and gives them a regular voice in the operation of the organization that was created to understand and meet the critical issues facing the sector.

Group Activity Description

Workgroups meet on a regular basis, often weekly when first charted


GRMA Governance Board Directors and a wide variety of members and other key stakeholders

The GRMA is comprised of Retailers, Manufacturers, Certification Bodies, Industry Trade Groups, and other interested stakeholders.

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