Plenary Sessions (a la carte)

Plenary Sessions (a la carte)


This registration will give you access to single plenary sessions. Choose from five different sessions using the date dropdown. Click Add to add it to your cart. Choose another date to add another to your cart. $75 per session.

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Over the upcoming months the GRMA with the help of our sponsors are looking to bring exciting content that we’d normally share during our annual summit directly to your computer.

  • August 13—1:30pm – 3:30pm EST – Plenary Topic: GRMA Address & Virtual Audit Panel
    • GRMA Address – The GRMA will provide an update of key organizational activities and member benefits update
    • Virtual Audit Panel – Hear from industry leaders as they discuss both the advantages & challenges associated with Virtual/Remote Audits, the GRMA Virtual/Remote Guidance Document, and Compliance Assessment Capabilities.

      Meet our Distinguished Panel:

      • Jozef Jamrich, CTO of Repositrak
      • Katie Fillinger, Business Unit Manager Dietary Supplements, NSF
      • Lauren Maloney, Food Safety & Supply Chain, Accreditation Manager, PJRFSI
      • Josh Grauso, Operations Manager, Supplier Quality Audit & Certifications, UL-VS
      • Karin Athanas, Acting Executive Director, TIC-Council
      • Ella Riggs, Principal Safety Analyst, Whole Foods Market, Inc & GRMA Board Director
      • Mike Finamore, CEO of Gemini & GRMA Board Chair
  • October 8—1:30–3:30pm EST – Plenary Topic: Securing Connected IoT Devices – What You Need To Know, UL – Gonda Lamberink
    • Connected devices provide incredible innovation opportunities for medical and consumer devices, but also increasing cybersecurity risks. IoT devices need to be equipped with critical security features to mitigate this risk, and also be able to meet the threshold set by new IoT security regulations.  Learn how you can incorporate IoT security into your product development process and help demonstrate security to regulators, retailers and end customers.
  • October 20 – 1:30-3:30pm EST–Plenary Session: Prepare for and Manage an FDA Inspection – During COVID
    • Presenters: Tara Lin Couch, Ph.D., Senior Director, Dietary Supplement and Tobacco Services & Bryan Coleman, Senior Director, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Services of EAS Consulting Group
      The FDA is continuing to plan field inspections and pursue their regulatory enforcement and compliance priorities across all segments of industry. This session is intended to help you understand what to expect with FDA’s restructured in-person & virtual inspection techniques.

      • How can you greatly improve your experience and inspection?
      • What is the scope of FDA inspectional authority?
      • What are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts”?
  • January 28 – 1:30pm 3pm EST – Plenary Topic: 2021 Kickoff & Panel Discussion on CBD/Hemp Seed Oil
    • The GRMA is looking to provide a best practices program for manufacturers using CBD/Hemp Seed Oil as an ingredient in their products.  Hear from a panel of retailers, certification bodies, manufacturers on their challenges and active projects within the GRMA to help provide solutions.
    • GRMA 2021 Kickoff and Summit Closing

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Dates August 13, 2020, October 8, 2020, October 20, 2020, December 9, 2020, January 28, 2021
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