The Stakeholder Roundtable objective is to bring any and all stakeholders together on a regular basis to identify critical issues and opportunities facing the non-food sector, and develop strategies to deal with these risks and opportunities. One of the GRMA’s four core values is being Visionary. In addition, one of our four primary goals is Leadership. Towards this end, we want to be the conveners of all stakeholders in the non-food sector. While the input of this group of people will certainly be of value to the GRMA, it is more designed to lead and improve the sector as a whole.

Our goal is to convene this group three times per year. We will meet in person and via tele/video conference.

Participants include: Retailers, Manufacturers, Certification and Accreditation Bodies, Consumer Groups, Associations and Member Organizations, Governmental Agencies, and any other person or organization that has a stake in the non-food sector w/focus on Dietary Supplements (DS), Cosmetics (COS), Over-the-counter medication (OTC), or Consumer Products (CP) formerly listed as Medical Devices (MD) or other future scopes.

Key Objectives are as follows:

  1. Self-Regulatory Infrastructure (SRI):
    • Define what this means
    • Define area of scope
    • Identify strategies for growth and development of SRI
  2. Strategic Radar:
    • Review risks and opportunities for the entire sector
    • Design formal communication system to keep members informed
    • Create task force that can disseminate information and propose action steps that can help strengthen the entire sector
    • Ongoing gap analysis to create awareness and solutions
  3. Future: Stakeholder Roundtable Group as a Coalition:
    • Define goals and objectives
    • Additional Stakeholder recommendations
    • Length of meetings
    • Sub-committees
  4. Success Measurers:
    • Topic areas
    • Metrics/Scale
    • Define Period of time
    • Promotion of Group
    • Key Performance Indicators