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Thank you to all who participated in the 2019 GRMA Summit. It was a great success. We look forward to ongoing discussions with you!

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The 2019 GRMA annual Summit was hosted in Chicago on August 5 – 7.
Multiple retailers, manufacturers, and industry sources joined us to hear the latest information on a multitude of ongoing projects dedicated to increasing quality and safety throughout the supply chain. In addition to the informational and learning sessions, there was ample time to network among our membership of major retailers, manufacturers, certification bodies, trade associations, and many other additional stakeholders. In addition, the Joint Committees on Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics, Over the Counter Drugs, and Medical Devices met during the Summit.

Here is some of the key information that was featured:

Global Food & Safety Initiative (GFSI) Benchmarking Invitation: The GRMA was excited to announce it has been invited by the GFSI to benchmark its 455-2 Dietary Supplement Audit Scheme under the GFSI system. Rishi Banerjee from the Consumer Goods Forum presented on the overall objectives of the GFSI and the benchmarking process. It will be repeated via Webinar on September 26, 2019, at 1:00 pm EST. Learn More >

GRMA State of the Union: Attendees learned of the progress GRMA has made over the last year! If you were unable to attend the Summit, please join us via webinar on September 18 at 1:00 pm EST to hear this information.

Panel Discussion: CBD Product Standard Development: Alan Perlman (NSF) moderated a panel discussion of industry leaders which centered around the complexities of the industry in relation to developing GMP Standards. Learn More >

Panel Discussion: Roll-out of the GRMA Audit Program: Allyn Shultis (First Quality/GRMA Board) moderated a panel of retailers, CBs and consultants. They discussed the impact of the implementation of the GRMA standards from all their unique perspectives. Key information delivered – Infrastructure building by the GRMA, CBs and consultative sector and the retailers working with their suppliers on implementing the audit program. A question and answer period followed.

Panel Discussion: Social and Ethical Standard Development: Christine Summers (Costco/GRMA Board) moderated a panel of industry leaders who discussed the drive towards the development of Social and Ethical standards. The complexity and challenge of developing these types of standards across multiple cultures, countries, and regions were explored.

Medical Device/Consumer Product Protocol Workgroup:  GRMA is in the process of developing a Medical Device/Consumer Product (MD/CP) Standard. Learn More >

Awards/Recognition:Recognition was given to those who have played a major role in the formation and activity for GRMA and the Standards over the past year. All of the organizations and people involved in the three pilot programs were recognized. 2019 Quality Ambassador Award went to Barbara Raji (formally with UL now NSF), and the 2019 Key Contributor awards were given to Melanie Leibowitz (GRMA), Mary Saunders and Kelley Cox (ANSI), and Gisele Atkins (CRN).

Going Global: We heard from our newest Partner CB Member, SAIGlobal, on what next steps would look like in the process of taking the current (and future) standards global.

Membership Meeting: The various member categories were given a chance to talk about issues that “were keeping them up at night” and asked to identify other areas of standard development (i.e., Audit Supply Chain: Warehouse, Packaging) the GRMA should be working on.

Joint Committee Meetings: Dietary Supplements, Over the Counter Drugs and Cosmetics: Rachel Brooker (NSF) held formal Joint Committee (JC) meetings over the 3-days of the Summit.

GRMA Advisory Council: Discussion was held on moving forward with our Advisory Council (AC). This is a group of GRMA members who are not seated on the Governance Board, yet have valuable input as an independent body to share concerns, trends, significant issues, and growth and development opportunities. The Chairperson of the group will have a seat on the GRMA Governance Board. They will provide input to the formal governance process of helping guide the direction of the GRMA and in the development of the strategy to achieve our mission. The AC will meet quarterly (at a minimum) throughout the year. If you have any interest in learning more about serving on this group, contact GRMA CEO Randy Slikkers or any GRMA Governance Board Member.

China Tariffs: Throughout several plenary and breakout sessions, the Summit attendees learned how the current (and future) tariffs are impacting the three categories of the 455-Standards. Learn More >

Ongoing GRMA Communications: The GRMA will be holding quarterly Stakeholder Roundtable meetings between its annual Summit activity. Each of those roundtable meetings will begin with an update of key GRMA activities so our members stay informed. We will also be conducting several webinars on the various topics explored during the Summit and those topics that arise.

What’s on the Horizon: Over the course of the Summit, the future goals and objectives of the GRMA were explored. The development of the 455-Standards was only the starting point in our quest to fulfill our vision of enhancing supply chain quality and safety on a continual basis. (Or as our Board President, Mike Finamore likes to put it, “A rising tide floats all boats.”) The Summit theme of “Laying the Foundation” was articulated through the circular process of our Four Foundational Elements of this continual improvement process: Accredited consensus standards, the collection of meta-data through our Auditsphere system, the development of an annual blueprint for safety and quality report, and helping to identify resources to focus on the issues identified in the data/report. (The “GRMA Academy”)

Featured Speakers: The GRMA was proud to bring together a diverse group of industry leaders who shared their thoughts on current and future trends and issues.  View GRMA Summit Speaker List >

2020 GRMA Summit: And last but certainly not least, the 2020 GRMA Summit is being planned as we speak! Please take the survey on next year’s Summit!

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NSF/ANSI 455-Standards

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